1 november 2017
Allora…yesterday after a drive of a few hours my hostfamily and I arrived in Abruzzo. The grandparents that live in Germany have a house there and we went to visit them wile they are in Italy.
This morning my hostmother waked me up to look at the beautiful view of the fields and mountains. It is all so exciting! We went to a church, the house were nonno used to live, to the sea in Tortoreto Lido…tutto é stato bellisimo! There are no words to tell how amazing it was. I made a lot of pictures, ate gnocchi for lunch, I climmed in a tree, enjoyed the comany…
I am so gratefull to be surounded by such fantastic people.


Today I posted a piece of a dutch pancake…
I baked them with my hostsister and she became a professional at flipping them. The Italian people loved them.
I am excided to know what the piece of the dutch pancake looks like when it arrives in Holland.


Thanks to two fantastic girls, I now understand a little bit of the ‘Italian’ math. It is not much but it is a beginning. And a had a lot of fun with the girls so I had a great time with them.

I also skyped with my brother, nephew and some of there friends in a group. It was really nice to tell them about how I am doing and anwser there questions.
At first I had to think about how I had to say I the words in Dutch, because I wanted to speak English… it is so confusing all those langueages. I normaly speak dutch, now I speak English mixed with Italian and eventually I want to be able to speak italian. And then I have not mentioned German yet, that I follow on school.

Tomorrow I have my first math test and also my first test for German is this week…going to do the best I can!!


I am in love, for real….
It happened when my hostmother introduced us to each other the first time. You could say it was love at first sight. After that our paths cross often.

The name of my love…?
Parmigiano, one of the best things that happened to me.

1 Month

Yess!! A month ago I arrived by my host family. Amazing family! I am grateful that I may know this fantastic people.
Alissa thought that we had to bake a chocolate cake to celebrate. Instead I made cookies, one special for her with Nutella.

Last friday, when I went to Modena I found out that a month ago I got on the plane to start another adventure. This adventure. But I think it started by the fact that I made the decision to do an exchange. Completing all the necessary papers, spending time with as many people as possible and packing my suitcases.


Today after school I met my localcoordinator and the other exchanges students that are staying in the same area. It was nice to meet them and talk about Italy and stuff. I enjoyed the beautiful buildings in Modena and had a lot of fun with the girls.


First weeks of school

Only tomorrow and then I have been to school for 2 weeks. It is hard because I can’t understand what the teachers are telling. I can only follow the English and German lessons. Also I can’t understand the math here. They write it down on a whole diffrent way and I just can’t understand it.
I get really tired of listening to a language I don’t understand yet.

First day of school

You always want to start good. Keep your notebook tidy. You write on your prettiest. But you know that after a week your notebook will be a mess already.

Today I had my first day of school. I started at 09:30 and ended at 12:00 o clock. I had 3 lessons, Italian, Spanish and Religion. We didn’t do much, we just introduced our selfs like 3 times. Only the Spanish teacher wanted to teach the class something.
It is not so handy that I have Spanish because it is simular with Italian. The Spanish teacher also thought so, and she is going to ask why or something. I don’t know.
The Italian teacher is a cool man, and the Religion teacher is kinda weird but nice I think. 🙂
The school it selfs….I think the inside looks like a prison. Not in a bad way. It is just the way it was build, the place of the stairs and stuff.

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